Friday, December 27, 2019

Traveling Deep...

While I like to get myself immensed in a place or country's culture, what I meant traveling deep is quite literal - traveling deep underground. And when you are deep underground, getting up and down takes time, which is what this is all about ;) 8D

I remember when I was in Moscow and St Petersburg 8-9 years ago, there were some metro stations that took forever when riding the escalators. And now I found myself in Kyiv Ukraine, where well, they have the world's (2nd) deepest metro station.

Situated 105.5m underground, one needs to travel through 2 sets of escalators to go up/down Arsenalna station. It takes a good 4min 26s on these escalators (including the short walk between the 2 escalators). 4 minutes doesn't sound like a long time, but when you are on an escalator, it sure is (and when you are running late, it is eternity). And there are actually signs in the stations that says "No sitting on escalator"! Of course, I've seen a few (youths mostly) that do just that - sit on the escalator step while it chug along.

For the record, the longest single metro escalator ride is actually in one of Moscow metro station. It was 3+ minutes I believe (and there are actually quite a number of stations in Moscow, St Petersburg & Kyiv that take close to that amount of time as well). And if you have noticed, there is a parenthesis on the word "2nd" in my statement above. Arsenalna may well be the deepest metro station but DPRK's Pyongyang metro is said to be 110m deep. Well, I'm not entirely sure we could take Mr Kim's word for it, and I'm also not very sure if it had been "independently verified".... ;)

So how did I know its 4min 26s? Well, here's a sped-up timelapse of the time taken going up on Arsenalna station.... Sorry it started at 3+s because I fumbled on the recording phone, and that its so dizzying - thats why I'm not a vlogger ha. And its dizzyingly sped-up because you don't want to be looking at a 4min 26s video of a riding escalator..... :) :)

PS. rem you still need additional time to get from escalator to train platform and station entrance/exit...