Saturday, March 29, 2014

Silent film

It was my last night at Zagreb before I leave for Plitvice Lake. My airbnb host asked if I were interested in a silent film.

"It's a silent film, so there's no need for any translation", she said.

Well said!

And it brought back certain amount of nostalgia. For those in-the-know (or appropriately  aged), remember those Charlie Chaplin black-and-white silent film? For 10 kuna (~S$2.25), I was in a cinema watching a film of that genre. In those days, a whole story could be told with just the visuals. Of course, occasionally, certain dialog or narration were required and the movie scene would switch to a completely black screen with huge words for the dialog or narration (thankfully it's in English since the movie was originally an American one ). And then, it would continue back to the movie scene again. Yes, those were the days!

But here in this cinema, there was something else. Live music. At the corner of the stage where the movie screen was, a single pianist provided the music for the movie! It was an interesting setup indeed. Of course, the music played complemented the scenes and the amazing thing is, he played the piano throughout the whole 1+ hour of the film! When it ended, everyone gave him a very appreciative applause!

Thoroughly enjoyed this!

In a totally unrelated note, I forgot to bring my adapter for my 3-pin plug of my laptop charger! And this was not my first time! And so now I have my 4th travel adapter.....

And in another totally unrelated note, bought some oranges in this Dolac market and its just fabulous!

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