Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Ramblings

My backpack weighed a ton! And so I thought.

Or so I felt.

It's essentially the same weight as my previous trips. I wonder how long more would I be able to do this. One can run to the four corners of the Earth, but age would still catch up to you.

I decided to start another blog - one that rambles about my thoughts and experiences, just as I did on my 448-day extended trip few years ago. Except that this is an open, ongoing one that I could turn to for all travels that I do. Unlike my previous Roving Random Ramblings, where I tried to blog regularly so that it could sort of document my entire trip, this blog would be updated, as and when I have something to write. The frequency could be daily, or it could be weeks before an update. The entries could be just an image (an Image of the Day!?), or a series of images. Maybe it may not even be travel related! (hmm...)

And so I present you...... my Really Random Roving Ramblings :)

It's an unearthly 2am flight, and thank goodness for my free entry to this transit lounge. My shoulders are aching just lugging my backpack for checkin! Ha! Perhaps I'm not fully recovered from my recent poor health. But the most sobering realization came when I was packing my guidebooks/maps and printouts. There is a first for everything, even after countless trip packings.

For the first time, I had to bring a reading glass for my trip :|

Oh well.

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